I Took a Risk and it Paid Off: How You Could Save Yourself £29! – Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit – Swatches

Yes, I’m waaaaay behind the time with this contouring malarky. But honestly, I just use a bronzer such as Hoola to give my face the shape I desire. Recently however I’ve fallen out of love with contouring so decided to treat myself to an actual contouring kit. Where else to look but with Anastasia Beverly Hills!

Now, I regularly shop on many beauty sites, but 9 times out of 10 you’ll find me on beauty bay. When I decided that I would like to purchase the contour kit this was the first place I looked, and it was priced at £39, you can purchase here. Now, honestly, I don’t wear contour all that often, maybe on a date night, night out or special day out so personally that seemed a lot to pay. That’s when I started to look elsewhere..

Upon browsing various make up items on ebay I came across the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit and couldn’t believe my eyes when it said, £9.99! (Get your hands on it too here) Now, yes, I did the same thing you’re thinking and thought, well this can’t be a real product. However, due to the sellers 100% positive feedback I thought, hey for a tenner why not buy it and see what happens.

So this morning the product arrives. I opened it up straight away and was impressed with what was inside. If this product isn’t real it’s a bloody good dupe I tell you! The packaging is identical to that of every photograph I have seen online, including the back with the cruelty free bunny! Each contour pan is 3g, with their own sticker to correspond to the name. Honestly, I couldn’t tell you what’s fake about it.

Each colour is highly pigmented with one swipe and very smooth to apply to the skin. And although Havana would probably be too warm toned for me to use as contour I will definitely use it as a matte bronzer all over the face. I can see me getting use out of all of these shades.After purchasing this kit for a quarter of the items price I am now looking into purchasing the cream contour palette providing this one gets enough use on the regular rather than just on special occasions.

Have you every purchased any beauty bargains from ebay?


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7 thoughts on “I Took a Risk and it Paid Off: How You Could Save Yourself £29! – Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit – Swatches

  1. I have the ABH palette too, and there’s some differences in the packaging of this one and the one I have! (Paid the full amount for mine)
    But if it does the job, it’s well worth the amount paid IMO! xx

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      1. Yeah sure, let me see.
        On the top of the palette I have, it just says “Contour Kit” and “Kit Contour” below it, nothing else.
        Then the ABH logo below is gold, like a solid gold color.
        And the shades on the sleeve/cover are arranged as Sand/Vanilla/Banana/Java/Fawn/Havana
        Sorry if anything seems unclear, I really wish I could show you with pictures or something!
        Most welcome xx

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