Shopping at Boots, Again.

I don’t think a week goes by where I don’t pop into Boots, but this time there was a rhyme and reason to my visit. & I am very proud of myself as although I may have swatched some of the new lip offerings by Soap and Glory, I did not buy anything at all make up related. Woo, go me!

So what did I go in for? I went in to pick up some Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (£4.99, Boots). Now, personally I am more of a face wash girl when it comes to taking my make up off, but it seems like not a day goes by where someone on YouTube or their blog raves about the stuff, so I thought it was about time I gave it a try.I believe I should of picked up a clear and pink bottle, but when I was in store this was the only one I could find, ‘Pure Active’. I believe, by what I have read that this is good for combating spots so I’m not complaining, anything for clear skin right! I’m excited to start using it on a cotton wool pad after removing my make up with face cleanser at night time to see what’s left over on my skin. I will report back if I enjoy!

The other item which I purchased was a Soap and Glory Body Buttercream in Smoothie Star (£10, Boots). This is possibly my favourite scent by the brand, the mixture of pistachio, almond and vanilla along with shea butter is to die for! I recently just finished the Smoothie Star scrub in this scent, See my All Used Up blog post. And as I’m currently using a different scrub I thought was better way to keep this scent in my life as I’m currently almost nearing the end of my The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter.

I’ve already scooped some out and put it on my arms as soon as I got home as the smell is just to heavenly to resist. They should definitely make a fragrance of it! Soap and Glory, I’m begging!

Is there any other ways you would recommend using the Micellar Water from Garnier? I’d love to hear any suggestions!



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