I am so in love! Jeffree Star Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in Anna Nicole – Swatches & Review.

Oh my god. If I ever had to recommend a lip product of any kind, I can tell you right now that this is it! I want one in every colour please!

Mr Jeffree Star, someone who strangely enough I used to idolise in my younger ’emo/scene’ years as a myspace sensation, has recently become a bit hit in the make up world and for good reason!

I’ve seen so many people rave about these lipsticks and when I saw the liquid lip products on Cocktail Cosmetics, and saw a shade similar to my favourite Nars Lip Pencil in Iberico – (see the full story here) – p.s. more on this at the bottom, I knew it was time to dive into the world of Jeffree. Side note: If you haven’t already you should definitely watch him on YouTube, his tutorials are bomb.

The shade I purchased was Anna Nicole. A gorgeous bright red orange matte shade, (£14, Cocktail Cosmetics). First and foremost I would like to applaud Jeffree as his products are completely vegan and cruelty free. Secondly I would like to say, THIS IS THE BEST LIP PRODUCT I HAVE EVER USED. (& I have tried a hellllll of a lot!)

The liquid lipstick is a watery yet not runny consistency and a little goes a long way. The doe foot applicator has a groove which allows for the product to spread evenly over the lips. It is completely opaque with one thin layer, no lip liner is needed with this product. As it applies it dries down to a matte finish within a matter of seconds and feels extremely lightweight on the lips. Almost doesn’t even feel like anything is on your lips.

In terms of wear, this product is very very longwearing. Once dried down it is non-transferrable, kissproof you could say, and also doesn’t become uncomfortable or drying throughout the day. I ate a greasy meal and the lipstick didn’t budge. I am extremely impressed. So impressed that I am currently sat here with no make up on apart from the liquid lipstick.

I am offically in love. Holy Grail material right here.

So does it compare to the Nars Iberico pencil? Kinda.
It’s got a lot more red in it, as you can see from the swatches, however I definitely prefer this to Iberico, so I suppose it’s a lose-win situation. (Please excuse this messy swatch, once Anna Nicole dries it is extremely hard to get off without using oil, and unfortunately I smudged mine slightly before it set).


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