Battle of the Bronzers – MAC Vs L’oreal

Now this isn’t a dupe post, nor is a matter of cheap vs. high end. This is simply a battle of what I end up putting on my face everyday and the pros and cons of each product. Something a bit new on my blog, but I hope you like it, and this may be the first of many different battles.

Let’s start with L’oreal.
L’Oreal Glam Bronze Terra Bronzer, (£12.99, Boots)
This high street bronzer has a hint of shimmer which isn’t transferred onto the skin as shimmer but more of a glow. It’s very warm toned, it is definitely leaning towards the orange end of the scale but if you have a tan this sits perfectly on the skin and looks natural. The product is long wearing throughout the day however it can become patchy when applied as a ‘touch up’.
You get a lot of product for your money.
Glowy finish.
Blends nicely onto the skin when first applied.
Looks great with a tan.
Highly pigmented.
Very warm based so won’t suit fairer skin tones.
Becomes patchy if layered onto skin later in the day.
Large packaging means it’s not ideal for travelling.

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Give Me Sun, (£24, MAC Cosmetics)
This bronzer as you would expect from the product name is natural looking one. MAC themselves describe it as a ‘light summer peach tan’. It’s warm based much like the L’oreal however the warm tones are peach based rather than orange. The product itself has a matte finish, but as it’s a baked product it does give off a glow. It’s long wearing, easily blendable and layers nicely throughout the day.
Natural looking product on all skin tones, can be built up for more colour.
Glow from within look.
Easily blendable.
Can be layered on top of make up throughout the day and doesn’t become patchy.
High price tag.
Not highly pigmented (however this is great for fairer skin tones).
Winner: MAC


PR friendly.


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