On the Pink Spectrum.. Should you join? Zoeva Blush Palette Review – Only £15!

I’ve recently become obsessed with blush, especially my Make Up Geek blush in Secret Admirer, one of the only pale pink blushes I own, and due to wearing it pretty much everyday I thought maybe I should branch out and try some different coloured blushes. 9 times out of 10 I go for a peach/warm toned blush so whilst browsing Beauty Bay I saw this Zoeva Pink Spectrum palette for an absolutely amazing price of just £15 (Beauty Bay). I couldn’t not put it in my basket.Zoeva Pink Spectrum blush palette contains four pans:

PK010 – Apricot pink nude
PK020 – Pale powder pink with peachy beige undertones
PK030 – Muted rose pink with pale mauve undertones
PK040 – Playfully feminine deep pink

I thought this would be a great way to introduce more pinky-toned colours into my collection. From the swatches you can see that they are very pigmented and aside from PK010 which has an irridescent gold undertone, they are a satin matte finish, which I must say I love.When applying them to the face, they do blend out very well and again when applying with a brush the pigment is still very strong meaning a little goes a long way, always a plus when it comes to a product.

The only downside I do have with this product, although I will be honest it’s the same with most blushes, is that it isn’t very long lasting. After an 9 hour day at work the blush has completed faded, and this is when it’s also been set with a setting spray. However, as we all know, blush is the first product which tends to disappear in terms of make up. The packaging itself however is very handbag friendly in terms of being lightweight and thin, aside from being that kind of Nars-esque matte black which fingerprints show up on immediately (still annoyed at myself for not taking photos of it before using it for this reason).

Overall, I think this is a great addition to anybodys collection, it’s a great and affordable way to experiment with new blush colours and also perfect to put in a make up kit if you have one. Also there is also a Coral Spectrum palette which I also now have my eyes on..

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