The Unique Blogger Award – Thank you.

You beautiful people, aloha.

A biiiiig thank you as I was nominated by Liner Lady to complete the unique blogger tag. There are a few rules to which I must adhere, the first is that I Thank the blogger who nominated me and leave a link, well that’s already been done.

Next is to include a quote and a meme which I really like:

Then to answer the questions I was given, which were as follows:

  1. What’s your go-to look?
    For me its a very bronzed face with a slightly smokey eye and nude lip. At the moment I’m loving the look that you may have previously seen in Cool-Toned Natural Everyday Make Up Look.
  2. Favourite makeup product of all time?
    Honestly, as it stands it would have to be Jeffree Stars liquid velour lips. They are seriously amazing, if you haven’t already I suggest you go get yourself one. See my posts on the two I have, Anna Nicole – Swatches & Review and The Best of All Time – Mannequin.
  3. Why did you start getting into makeup?
    Well ever since I can remember I’ve worn make up, back in the days of dream matte mousse and blue eyeshadows with a pink lip. Oh those were the days hey! But I think the obsession really hit when I started university, I lived right next to a T J Hughes, and as a penny pinching student I went there to get bargain lipsticks for my nights out. The more colours I went for, the more I realised I could change up my look, watching Youtube tutorials as guides. As the months went on I’d start saving up my money to treat myself for the items I was lusting over thanks to Youtuber recommendations and it just keeps going now.

Next is to nominate 8-13 bloggers:

  1. Dr Makeup
  2. Luxurious Petites
  3. Phasion Bug
  4. Beauty and Bants
  5. Finger Candy
  6. Hey Beauty Bae
  7. Dorothea Beauty
  8. Harper Linden

And finally ask them 3 questions:

  1. Brows or Mascara? & why? (No you can’t choose mascara and say you’d use it on your brows as well, it’s one or the other, the other has to remain untouched).
  2. What is your favourite perfume?
  3. What do you hope to have achieved by the end of the year?

Good luck everyone!

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