As Summer Ends My Nails go out with a Bang

As the cosy nights draw in they bring with them the sad end to neons and bright colours. Before I give in to the autumninal colours I decided to get one more summer themed nail for the road. 

Now I’m going to put it out there, this bright green called Amazon Flirt by Gelish (£13.99,, is potentially my spirit colour. Last year I was all about the neon oranges but this year this neon green takes the biscuit. It’s amazing and I get so many compliments on it!! 

To not take away from this amazing colour I got one accent gold champagne glitter nail on my ring finger and the same colour in a triangle on my thumb. Simple and amazing. 

What was your favourite summer nail colour this year? 

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3 thoughts on “As Summer Ends My Nails go out with a Bang

    1. Oh don’t worry I just chopped my finger instead of sweet potato the other day. But thanks so much for the concern. Awww my social media buttons I found them by typing social media buttons in on google and then just edited them to the colours I liked myself. They’re fab aren’t they! Xxxxx


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