D.I.Y. Lime Crime + MAC = Kylie Lip Kit in KyMajesty

I am so late to the KyMajesty train its untrue. But ever since purchasing the MAC Star Trek Lipstick in LLAP (£17, MAC) I’ve been dying to try out as many combinations using it as a lip topper as possible. And it ain’t long until I found a combination that was much like the infamous KyMajesty. 

Lime Crime Black Velvet (£14.95, Love-Makeup.co.uk) is a liquid lipstick that I adore. And now it’s coming up to the colder months I thought it would be a great colour to put underneath the MAC lipstick. It would be especially great as it dries down matte and non-transferable so the Star Trek lipstick would be a topper and not mix in affecting the colour itself. 

When I topped Black Velvet I was amazed. It looked incredible. Now it isn’t an exact dupe for the KyMajesty and the metallic in that runs more silvery blue then gold but my goodness it still gives the same effect and wow factor. And now that metallic lipsticks are all the range I can almost guarantee this combination will be worn many times during these colder months. 

I cannot wait to continue my quest of putting this Star Trek lipstick over different colours. Any other combinations you wish to suggest I will happily try!

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