JEFFREE STAR WEEK: Liquid Velour Lipstick in 714

The Jeffree Star shenanigans continue and today we’ll be swatching and reviewing a colour which Jeffree actually bought back after popular demand, so is it really that amazing?

714. Originally limited edition in 2015 and then after much uproar after people could no longer get their hands on the much sought after product he bought it back into this summer 2016 limited edition collection again. He’s just teasing us again isn’t he?

I did manage to get my hands on it, and it is still available on Beauty Bay (£16, click here)!

Unlike the other liquid lips from the same collection this one doesn’t have the watermelon scent, it actually doesn’t have any noticeable fragrance at all, but if you watch Jeffree’s YouTube video swatching this collection >>watch on youtube here<< he explains why it can sometimes mess with the formula of the colour which is why he left it out.

714 is a neon pastel coral pink shade and it is absolutely divine, I can see why people wanted it to be bought back. It is a little more liquidy than the other liquid lipsticks I own from his collection and I do actually find this one to be a little bit streaky. Meaning it must be layered up for a fully opaque lip, this isn’t a downfall of the product though as even Jeffree himself in the video explains how it is very hard to perfect this shade in his formula. However, due to the product being so lightweight it doesn’t become clumpy or heavy feeling on the lips as you apply more product.

Just like all my other Jeffree lipsticks, this one is exactly the same in terms of wear time and durability which is why they are my most recommended.

>>Jeffree Star Liquid Lips – The Best of All Time – Mannequin<>I am so in love! Jeffree Star Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in Anna Nicole<<

This colour is absolutely perfect for the summer, and although I can’t see myself getting too much wear out of it during the colder months I cannot wait to pair it with bronzed skin in the spring time!

How would you wear this lip colour?

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