Coffin Shaped Brown Toned Nails, with Added Glitter of Course!

Now, without going into too much information I wanted pretty plain nails this time around as I am getting something EXTREME next time I go. So to mix it up I got a coffin shaped nail this time instead of my usual stilleto style and I went neutral.

I went for two brown toned colours, one is a chocolate tone and the other more mink-y. I had a mix of the colours with the opposites on each hand to add a bit more pazzaz.

To go with the brown I had glitter fades on two nails in a gold tone, one starting from the bottom and one from the top, all in all nothing too much to write home about.

I hope you like them, it’s strange having a different nail shape, I feel like i’m cheating on my usual stiletto style.
Let me know what your guesses are for my next set of nails, I’ll give you one clue: they’ll be based around a film..


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