Worth the Hype? Coloured Raine Liquid Lip Paint in Tootsie – Swatches & Review

Ever since liquid lipsticks made the big time Coloured Raine was always one mentioned by beauty blogger and YouTubers alike. However, at the time it was not a brand you could easily get your hands on. When I noticed they were available on Beauty Bay I kept meaning to get one but always ended up being distracted by other products as usual. Until now..

Tootsie – dark chocolate with subtle cherry tones (£15, Beauty Bay). I was after a darker shade for the colder months as in my collection I tend to have darker purples but not many red shades and this one was perfect as it was mixed with the chocolate brown. This product is vegan and cruelty-free.

The packaging of this liquid lipstick is pretty similar to others in my collection, with a bright pink lid. Now, I don’t know if it is just mine but as you can see in the pictures it has become very messy around the opening as I find the lipstick itself is very gloopy, more on that later. Due to this messiness it puts me off taking it in my bag or travelling with it as I don’t wish to tarnish any other make up, or for that case even my bag.

In terms of the lipstick itself I find the formula as previously touched upon gloopy and very thick. When applying as the doe foot applicator is extremely covered in product making it very hard to apply an even, thin layer. This means I have to apply using a lip brush which is a slight inconvenience as I don’t need to do this with any of my other liquid lipsticks.

The colour of this product is truly stunning, but you are unable to put on anything other than a thin layer or I have found that the product bunches up on the lip and does not look good at all. Luckily the product is pigmented and pretty opaque so this isn’t too much of a problem. As with all lipsticks of its kind it dries down to a completely matte finish and stays well throughout the day aside from eating and drinking but this is nothing out of the ordinary.

Overall I do like this lipstick, but due to the thick nature of the product and the bunching up on the lips it does put me off purchasing another colour from Coloured Raine which is a shame because they have some gorgeous shades in their range. It won’t put me off wearing it, I have already worn it a handful of times, I’m just wary of wearing it where I may need to top it up as I do not wish to keep it in my bag.

Have any of you experiences the same negatives with the product as me, or have I just perhaps got a dud product?



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