Bengal Tiger – The Perfect Orange Lip? MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick

If you are a fan of my blog you will know that I have a love affair with orange lipsticks and finding the perfect one. I don’t own many, as although I love them, it’s not something which I wear on a regular basis, but there is always space in my collection for when one catches my eye. This time it was the turn of Bengal Tiger by MAC.

When MAC’s Retro Matte liquid lipsticks came out, there was a very mixed run of opinions to do with the formula and wear. Although many agreed that they were very long lasting, many also said they were perhaps too long lasting and didn’t come off easily. They also were said to be drying as the wear time went on.

Now, although I also take into consideration others opinions, I also like to form my own. So for those who would like another opinion, you are more than welcome to read mine.

First of all I would like to say the only reason I purchased an item from the Retro Matte liquid lip collection, is because of the colour. Bengal Tiger is described as a ‘loud orange’. And my goodness it is devine, as I’m sure you can see on the images it is the perfect true orange. Although no longer on the MAC website, you can still purchase it from Debenhams for Β£17.50!

So the lipstick itself, as soon as I opened the package to reveal the wand I could smell the iconic MAC scent, which let’s be real, is what dreams are made of. The wand itself is slightly diamond shapes meaning you can cover both big areas and get to the little corners of your mouth by changing the angle of the wand.

Application was at first a little streaky, I had to really work the product in to create a flawless finish, and I did use two layers to ensure that there were no streaks on my lips. It dried down within about a minute, and after about 5 it was completely transfer proof. Which is a bonus jonus.

Throughout the day I have eaten greasy food, drank plenty of liquids both hot and cold and been outside in the cold atmosphere. Although the lips themselves do feel considerably drier, it isn’t dry enough to really bother me and the colour is pretty much all there aside from a couple of now non-existent patches, mainly from where I have been shoving food and drink in my mouth!

The product is a little difficult to take off, but I find that by using oils it makes the whole process a lot easier. And afterall, if you want a long wearing lipstick, it’s the price you have to pay. After trying out this formula of lipstick from MAC I am actually very impressed and will keep my eyes peeled for any other colours which I may enjoy to add to my collection.

Have you got any of the MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipsticks, what are your thoughts?


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16 thoughts on “Bengal Tiger – The Perfect Orange Lip? MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick

  1. This colour looks amazing!! & You’re right, I’d rather have a lip product that a bit hard to get off than one that wears off super easily xx

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    1. They have some gorgeous true reds and also nudes in the range that I’m very tempted to try as I’m sure nudes never seem to wear as long as bright colours! X

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      1. I agree with that!! My Honeylove lipstick from Mac is my go to nude which lasts a long time but still not as long as the brighter ones like you said! Xxx

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