Pink to Make the Boys Wink – Nail Art

I’m proud to announce that these nails are my own. I’ve been part of the acrylic bandwagon for over a year now and recently, I’ve been craving shorter nails. So finally I’m a natural gal!

I’d seen an image on Pinterest (if you don’t follow me on there, you should here) where a girl had super cute nude nails with a simple eyelash on her middle fingers. I absolutely adored this, but if you know me, nude nails are not my thing. However, make up is my life so I rolled with this idea.

Me and my nail tech decided to amp it up and have the eyelashes on a baby pink nail and then put a super bright neon pink on the rest.

I l o v e them! I think there super cute and they’ve got me super ready for the upcoming spring months.

Do you love them too? Any ideas on what colours I should go for next, I’m thinking pastels…

Love, always.


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17 thoughts on “Pink to Make the Boys Wink – Nail Art

  1. Your nails look great. I have worn acrylic nails since i was 16 years old, but every time i go without, I hate the way my nails look. So raggedy. My nail beds are so weak the hurt to the touch and they break so easy. I end up getting the acrylics put back on because I am so embarrassed to look at my own nails. What do you use on your nails to get the so healthy looking?

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    1. Honestly I use nothing on my nails. I’m just fortunate that after having acrylics for over a year my nails underneath and pretty strong and healthy x

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