It Really is a Dream Cream

Products from beauty to plants to books give themselves names that draw you in and before you know it, you’ve got another item you don’t need. Well in the case of this product from Lush, yes the fact it’s called Dream Cream had me at hello but it also lives up to its name. This is where the addiction begun..

I love walking past Lush and smelling their products and I used to be obsessed with their fresh face masks and cleansers but as I don’t live close to one of their stores anymore, I don’t find myself using any of their products. As I was making a trip to my local store for a present I decided to try out some products and this moisturiser, Dream Cream, drew me straight in as I applied it to my hands. It gave them such an amazing glow that immediately I knew I wanted to apply this under my makeup as a base. 

Dream Cream is technically a hand and body lotion (£12.95, LUSH). Lush however, is an all natural brand so there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t use any of their products where ever the hell you like. This is a cooling and smoothing cream designed to go onto even the most sensitive skins. It’s main ingredient is oat milk which has been used for centuries to calm hot damaged skin and even treat eczema.

Now I haven’t even had this product over a week and I’m already attached to it by the hip. I’ve been using it as my nighttime moisturiser, as my make up base and today I’m wearing it alone to give a gorgeous glow to my make up free face.

It makes my skin feel so smooth, I’m literally telling everyone to ‘feel how soft my face is’ because I can’t get over it. It’s not broken me out at all, and I’m prone to breaking out when a new product doesn’t agree with me, and my skin texture seems so much smoother and in a way tighter. 

For the price you get such a hefty amount, great for someone like myself who’ll be mainly using it on the face. It’s also a self preserving formula, meaning unlike the original version this one will stay fresher for longer. It’s a no brainer really.

So if you’re in the market for a new makeup base, face moisturiser or you have particularly sensitive skin that needs calming down. I would very very highly recommend this product. It is literally a dream in a tub.

Love, always. 


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