Rip ’em out. Unclogging Pore Charcoal Mask. Worth the Hype?

It’s all the craze recently to pull every blocked pore full of crap out of your face, I’m on board. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing all that stuff on the ripped out pore strip, so when charcoal masks started entering the spotlight. I knew I needed to buy one.

Now I’m currently on a spending ban, ugh, so this meant that I couldn’t splash the cash on a fancy face mask. Hence, I went straight to eBay and typed in charcoal face mask. First one that came up shipped to the UK from the UK, BOOM. It was on its way to me before I knew it. (£3.95, eBay)
I was super excited to use it, but after seeing all else horrifying videos of people ripping their faces raw I was also a little nervous. Especially as I’d bought some cheap one off eBay.

I went full on straight in and put the mask over my nose, forehead and chin. The instructions say to leave the mask for 20-30 minutes. After about 20-25 minutes it was completely dry and ready to go. 
Now it may of been my fault for drinking tea whilst waiting for the mask to dry but the chin part, which dried the fastest, was half peeled off already. It didn’t seem to stick very well to my skin, so I pulled that off very easily, with no pain and no pores seem to come with it. Disappointing I must say.

Next, I went for the forehead. Personally I have quite a few large pores in this area and so I was excited to pull this part off. I started ripping and there was a little discomfort but not anything I would class as pain. And off it came. Again, not many pores but my skin underneath did feel soft.

Lastly the nose area. Oh my god. This hurt. I’m not sure if it was those pesky little hairs on your cheeks but that hurt more than any other area. I did get a bit red here, but nothing too concerning. On ripping this one off, you can kinda see in the photos, pores did come out and you could see them against the black. Very satisfying indeed. 
I did enjoy using this mask, however, I didn’t find it to be as resourceful and effective as my pore strips. I personally found that yes, it did make my skin soft, however that may be because it pulled off a layer of my skin. So if you do want to try one, I’d suggest either spending a bit more money that me on a proper one or alternatively, buy yourself some pore strips.

Have you tried any other good pore ripping masks or strips? I’d love to know.

Love, always.


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15 thoughts on “Rip ’em out. Unclogging Pore Charcoal Mask. Worth the Hype?

  1. I’ve found the same with these damn masks too, never really as satisfying as you’d hoped for. Also totally know how you feel when ripping all the hairs off your cheeks off – so flipping painful ha ha! LOVING your nails by the way!! X

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  2. Ooh cool mask. I want to know which strips you buy from wich company. I wanted to try my own mask Diy product so when I do it I will write post about it :). Nice review

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    1. Thank you! I get my nails done so I couldn’t tell you the exact colours I’m afraid. There’s a post all about it on my blog though.. go check it out x

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  3. The strips I use are good, not perfect, but for the price they do work fairly well. But yes, I bought a mask just like that one and I don’t see any difference when I use it, really…

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  4. Yes, I’ve also seen those Instagram vids! Scary indeed!! But yeah, it’s so satisfying when you do get to pull out those blackheads!! xoxo Sarah

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