Forget Mousse – Is it All About the Serum Tan This Summer?

All you’re going to hear me banging on about on my blog for the next few months will be anything and everything to do with Summer – so I apologise in advance but I sure hope you don’t mind.

I’m a big advocate of sunless tanners, not only because it’s so much better for your skin, but because it’s always more even and you don’t get tan lines as you can tan EVERYWHERE.

In my recent trip to Boots – Another Essentials Haul – This Time.. Boots – I purchased a new tanner from L’Oreal.

L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Overnight Elixir Self Tan Serum (£14.99, Boots)

I’ve been using this tanner since that haul and thought I’d used it enough to give you an honest review on how it is.

Now, usually I go for a mousse tanner and honestly, I was quite happy with my Bondi Sands, but as always curiosity gets the better of me and as I’d seen so many people on Instagram using this stuff, I decided to give it a go.

This tan is classed a serum and it’s a very runny, slightly gel like consistency – similar to a serum you’d put on before bed as part of your nighttime skin routine.

When I apply this, I do use a mitt and squirt the product directly onto the area I’m going to be tanning. I found that one pump isn’t very much at all, so I used 2-3 pumps for each section of my body depending on how much area I needed to cover.

As you spread the product in, very much like a moisturiser, it sinks into the skin and it does have a guide colour so you know where you’ve placed the product.

After applying the tanner to my whole body, I did notice that the colour had already darkened and then off to bed I went.

In the morning I was left with a gorgeous bronze glow and after showering off any excess the colour remained – always a bonus.

As with all tans, this products does have a slight self-tanner scent, but it’s extremely mild. It didn’t seem to leave much of a stain on my pajamas or bed sheets and it was very even in it’s application.

The downsides, I’m sure you knew they were coming. The product claims to leave you with a gorgeous glow for two weeks – false. Within 4 days my tan was fading away and unfortunately it was becoming very patchy as it was doing so – not the best look.

As with all my tanners, I loofah everyday to gently exfoliate my skin and I also moisturise after showering to prevent uneven skin texture.

I do enjoy the colour that this product gives my skin and since my first application I have used it a couple more times and I tend to reapply after 3-4 days to keep up with the colour I desire and there don’t seem to be any side effects to this yet which is good.

Overall it’s a great product if you want a lovely glowy – not overly pigmented- tan. But I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing this one personally.

Have any of you tried any of the other tans from the new L’Oreal tan range?

Love, always.


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5 thoughts on “Forget Mousse – Is it All About the Serum Tan This Summer?

  1. I am just starting to try self tanners, so far I have used St. Tropez and actually find them super user friendly. I may have to try a drugstore one in the future though because St. Tropez is quite pricey.

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    1. I really love St. Tropez but as you say the cost soon adds up! I know this isn’t the cheapest one around, but it’s definitely a good alternative x

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  2. Such an honest review! Really enjoyed this post ☺️ I haven’t tried the any of the new L’Oréal fake tans but I am using the revamped Superdrug Solait range. I have the express ultra dark mousse and the overnight tanning face mask and I must say, both are really good! Affordable too! xx

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