Incredible Hulk Nails

I’ve recently been doing my nails myself and although I already have a fair few different gel colours, you never want to wear what you already have.

As it’s getting warmer (well, it was upto now) in the UK. I’ve been craving neons – Neon Orange Glitter Nails – Perfect for Summer – but a neon highlighter green was definitely at the top of my want list.

As I was already browsing eBay for different colours, I ended up adding a gorgeous creamy mid-purple and a new top coat.

GDI – Green Gone Wild (£4.80, eBay)
GDI – Purple Wonder (£4.80, eBay)
GDI – Top Coat (£4.80, eBay)

Once they arrived, I was so ready to start applying them and I knew the neon green was what I was craving, but before I knew it, I wanted to try everything at once and then added the purple to my middle and ring finger on both hands.

Without even realising, I had incredible hulk nails – and although unintentional, I bloody love them.

Now, what superhero nails to try next….?

Love, always.


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