The Perfect Summer Shower Gel – For Less Than a Quid

In the morning, there’s nothing I enjoy more than a nice refreshing shower to get me ready for the day. I love shower gels which are fruity, fresh and extremely fragrant to get me woken up, it’s my ‘morning coffee’ so to say.

There’s a few different brands of shower gel that I love and tend to go for. Original Source is definitely up there as being a game changer, along with the equally as exciting brand of Treacle Moon.

The reason that I love these shower gels is because they have a great variation of scents, they’re forever bringing out new editions for the different seasons and the scent actually lasts unlike many others.

An even bigger bonus is that both of these products are vegan and cruelty-free, something that I’m striving to head towards in terms of my beauty products. There’s so many animal rights forward brand these days, that it seems unreasonable to buy a product that does test on animals and use animal products.

Recently, I’ve really started to appreciate Superdrug. They’re a high street shop here in the UK, that pride themselves on producing cruelty free and very often vegan beauty products.

This is why, when I was after a new shower gel, I decided to try one of the Superdrug’s own brand. There was a HUGE range of different smells, from lemon, lime and ginger, cherry and almond to shea butter, coconut and the one that I went for orange and satsuma. 

I’m not going to lie, I smelt them all in the shop and by the open caps where product had bled out, it looks like I wasn’t the only one – but be assured, I made sure to close the lids.

This orange and satsuma shower gel SCREAMED summer! 

Best of all, I got this for under £1 (99p, Superdrug)

The shower gel itself is made with natural orange and satsuma extracts along with having added skin conditioners to ensure that it doesn’t dry your body out upon application.

It’s so refreshing to use and I literally smell like a Jaffa orange when I get out of the shower, it’s so perfect for this time of year.

No matter what kind of smell you like, Superdrug has got you covered. So if you’re in the market for a new shower gel, that’s not going to cost you and arm and a leg.. make your way into store now.

Love, always.


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