NEW IN: Batiste Rose Gold & Sweetie

I honestly have no idea what we all did before dry shampoo came along. Did we all just wash our hair more often? Or did we simply rock greasy hair and not think anything of it, just whack it in a pony tail and job’s a good’un?

Either way, I couldn’t live without my favourite dry shampoo from Batiste. Usually I go for either the Original or Fresh scent as I’m not a big fan of overpowering hair smells – I’ve never been a massive fan of smelly shampoos and conditioners either.

On a recent trip to Superdrug to pick up another bottle, I noticed they had some new ‘flavours’ and as they were on buy one, get one half price*, I spotted this as the perfect opportunity to try them out, they sounded delicious and boy, I was right.

Rose Gold (£2.99, Superdrug)

The description of this is pretty and delicate which I couldn’t agree with more. It has a slight floral scent with a sweet undertone but neither of these are overpowering at all. The bottle is so pretty with beautiful pink roses and rose gold accents. Definitely a product you could put on display and it wouldn’t look out of place.

Sweetie (£2.99, Superdrug)

This is sweet and delicious. Now this scent is a bit stronger than I would usually go for, but it’s a gorgeous scent of sweets mixed with a hint of fruitiness. The bottles got gorgeous little Russian dolls (not entirely sure what this has to do with sweets but there you go) and love hearts. It would actually be a super cute item to put into a gift package for a birthday.

Now as always, both of these products do amazingly well at keeping your grease at bay. They’re also great to use on clean hair to add a bit of grip and texture.

Another great thing about Batiste is that the products are both vegan and cruelty-free.

So if you’re on the market for a new Batiste scent, or you’ve never even tried the brand before.. now’s the perfect opportunity to get your hands on one!

*offer on at the time of posting.

Love, always.


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15 thoughts on “NEW IN: Batiste Rose Gold & Sweetie

  1. I honestly can’t remember if I was constantly late or just looked a mess before dry shampoo. I can’t have been washing my hair that much, surely?? Either way, Batiste definitely changed my life!!

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