Birthday Nails – ALL of the Glitter & an Appreciation Post

This weekend, it’s my birthday and I’m turning a quarter of a century old. 25. Bloody hell, where has time gone.

I’m not usually one to look forward to my birthday as lets be honest, after you’ve turned 18, getting older isn’t appealing anymore.

This past year however, I’ve found myself being happier than I have in a very long time and I’m grateful for all those who surround me, the health that I have and the exciting things that I experience within my life.

I’d also like to give a big shout out to all of you, my followers, readers or simply browsers. Thanks to your never ending appreciation for all that I do, you’ve kept me writing on the blog for over a year now – the longest I’ve ever had a ‘hobby’ I suppose you could call it and I’m currently working on many new exciting adventures – so keep your eyes peeled.

Anyway, aside from my big love for you all, I’ve done my nails in celebration of my birthday. No birthday is complete without a brand spanking new set of nails – be it this year done by me and not my nail technician (money saving and all that) – but nevertheless, this didn’t mean I was holding back on glitter.

I wanted something very pretty and so I decided to go back to my old faithful of Bluesky Lavender (£6.50, Bluesky). I painted this over all my nails, I find that I get the desired opaque colour after 4 coats.

Before adding my topcoat, or wiping my nails with the gel cleanse I added glitter.

The glitters I used are from my There is no Such Thing as Too Much Glitter – At Least That’s What I’m Telling Myself – Haul. I used the silver holographic and the lilac holographic alternatively on my nails.

As you can see from the picture, I did a glitter fade on some nails and completely covered the nails on others.

The overall look is super cute and exactly what I was aiming for.

I then finished off by applying the GDI Top Coat (£4.80, eBay) and cleansing my nails with a cotton bud and Lucemill Nail Prep and Wipe (£6.49, eBay).

What kind of nails do you think we should do next?

Love, always.


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