Let’s Talk Body Acne – There’s No Need to be Ashamed

I feel like body acne is something everyone is embarrassed to talk about and there’s no reason why it should be this way. Maybe it’s because we can cover acne on our faces with makeup and there’s nothing we can really do to hide that it’s there. Body acne, we can wear certain clothes to cover it up and never have to talk about it, but it’s an issue and we’re going to talk about it today.

I’ve always had mild breakouts on my shoulders, chest and back for as long as I can remember. It tends to be worse if I’ve applied fake tan – supposedly as I’m blocking the pores with products, but as I then have tan on it’s less noticeable on the body.

Last week I woke up and had the worst breakout I’ve ever experienced on my shoulders. The acne itself was red, painful and active – and I hadn’t even applied any tan or different products to my body. It literally came out of nowhere.

I left it a couple of days in the hope that it was just a strange reaction but after two days the breakouts were still there and not fading – I’d tried clarisonic cleansing them, putting on my The Ordinary lotions and potions, all to no avail.

So I started doing some research and decided it was time to purchase the Mario Badescu drying products. There’s always so many good reviews about these products and a lot of bloggers swear by them – what did I really have to lose?

I purchased the Drying Lotion (£15, Beauty Bay) and the Drying Cream (£14, Beauty Bay).

So far, I’ve only used the Drying Cream. This product is an intense cream that’s only to be applied on the affected areas on your skin, so I’ve been applying this once a day all over my shoulders. As the product itself is so intense you only need to use a tiny amount. I probably use a pea sized amount and this covers both shoulders.

As the product is ‘drying’ it’s not recommended for those with sensitive skin or overly dry skin as it may cause further skin issues.

So far it’s been about 5 days and I just want you to look at the difference in my before and after pictures. It’s crazy how much this product has calmed down my shoulders – they aren’t painful and the area is no longer red and active, I honestly can’t get over how amazing this product is – and why haven’t I used this before!

Due to the amazing results from the cream I’m yet to have tried the drying lotion itself. However, I know this will come in extremely handy for those monster spots that appear from nowhere on your face. It’ll also get used for those painful under the skin bumps to prevent them from surfacing into anything.

If you’re experiencing problems with body acne, don’t be ashamed. Put on that strappy top and use some drying cream and you’ll be back to fabulous in no time!

Love, always.


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6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Body Acne – There’s No Need to be Ashamed

  1. Nice result! I am using Superdrug Deep Action spray and it works well for my shoulders and back. It’s good to see that Mario Badescu works well, I am sure it had nicer ingredients, I was always tempted to try it when browsing Beautybay 🙂

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