Obsessed with Red Errrthang

There’s nothing more classic than the colour red. It goes with any outfit, almost any makeup look and there’s a perfect shade for every skintone out there. This month I’ve been obsessed with red lips and after receiving a red nail varnish as a gift, I’ve also been loving it on my nails – my goodness does it set off your tan.

Due to my recent new found love for red, I’m going to show you my gifted nail varnish along with two new lipsticks that accidentally fell into my Beauty Bay basket when looking for new skincare.. so strange when that happens right. So let’s hop into it..

OPI Breakfast at Tiffany’s collection 4 pack – (£14.99, Very)

I was very kindly gifted this set for my birthday and I’ve been working my way through each colour over the past weeks. The red in this collection, ‘Got the Mean Reds’, is absolutely stunning. It’s a true bright, popping red and it applies very pigmented in just one coat. I applied two to ensure the first coat wasn’t at all patchy and it looks perfect.
The varnish itself dried pretty fast and it lasts around 2-3 days before chipping. This is without a top coat – I’m lazy so I’m sure it would last even better with one.
Although I’m not currently fake tanned up to the eyeballs, just looking at this colour you can tell it’s one of those that would make you look even tanner than you already are.
It’s perfect for summer.

Cailyn Pure Lust Lipstick Pencil in Apple Pear Smoothie (£5.10, Beauty Bay)
This lip crayon is currently in the sale – so I suggest you get your hands on it quickly! It drew my attention as most of my red lip products are very matte and this seems like a more creamy moisturising product for me to use.
Upon seeing the lip pencil itself I was extremely impressed and surprised. It’s much more orange based than I was expecting, but this is fine by me as I personally love these tones with my skintone.
The product smells good enough to eat, it literally smells like an apple which is something I’ve never smelt before from a lip product.
The finish of this product is a creamy matte and I’m very happy with this purchase itself – a full review will be on its way soon!

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick in Redrum (£16, Beauty Bay)If you follow my blog, you’ll know I have a very open love affair with the Jeffree Star Liquid Lipsticks. I already have the red Anna Nicole from his collection and I love the transfer proof, lightweight and pigmented formulas of his products. Anna Nicole is an orange-based red, a tone that I tend to go for with my reds and I was in the market for a truer, blue-based red.

Redrum is the epitome of the classic red look, I’ve already worn this every single time I’ve put makeup on – it’s my new favourite go-to lipstick.
Even if you’re in a rush, but putting a red lipstick on it gives you that look as if you’ve put a lot more effort in than you have.
It also gives me strong Gwen Stefani vibes and let’s be honest, she’s an actual babe.

Which reds are you loving at the moment?
I have a feeling my red lipstick purchasing spree isn’t going to end anytime soon.

Love, always.


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6 thoughts on “Obsessed with Red Errrthang

  1. In theory I love a red lip; it’s bold and always makes a statement! However I never end up wearing it because I always feel so crazy and out of place when I try. With that being said, I do love it on my nails! I’ve been wearing Magic City by KL Polish non stop! It’s the perfect poppy red shade! xoxo

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  2. I love the colour red and love incorporating it into my makeup/nails! Btw I’ve just nominated you for the blogger recognition award in my recent post💗

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