Dry Skin? No Problem – Get Some Hemp

I’m a big fan of body products from The Body Shop and I definitely don’t shop there as often as I would like. So when I recently went shopping and discovered a new The Body Shop store I went a bit crazy and ended up buying numerous lip butters, hand creams and the product in question today.. Hemp Rescue Balm.

I’ve heard about this product from many blogs and YouTube videos, being able to test it just on my hand in the store – I knew I had to have it.

Hemp Rescue Balm (£16, The Body Shop) is an ultra rich balm to oil texture product that targets super dry skin by protecting and relieving the area. It’s great for use on the lips, knuckles, elbows, feet and quite frankly, anywhere you wish to use it. The hemp seed oil is from France and has essential fatty acids making it super amazing for these dry patches.

The tin itself is so super cute. It looks like a sardine can and it has a little metal spinner which allows you to open the tin easily without having to break your nails in the process. Why don’t all products have one of these?

The balm is clear and is a similar texture to Vaseline. When applied it’s kind of like a thick gel which as mentioned, massages into an oil texture and then leaves the skin feeling protected, smooth and non-greasy.

Although it’s not intended for this purpose, the day I used it I had a super transfer proof swatch of a paint pot on my hand. I tested on the balm on the same hand and it completely took it away, so I can imagine this would be great for removing super budge proof liquid lipsticks!

I’m so happy I finally have this product and I’m sure that it’ll be getting used on the daily. I’m interested to look into the other product from this range as I’m always looking for great dry-skin friendly options.

The Body Shop is also against animal testing, wahooo!

Love, always.


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