Quick Coral ‘I Spent Ages on Them’ Manicure

I’m not going to lie, I was in a complete rush when doing my nails this weekend. I needed something simple and effective – something that looked like I’d tried (like when you put red lipstick on).

For me, there’s no better way to do this with your nails than chucking on some glitter – literally.

I went for a gel polish by Bluesky called Hot Coral (£6.50, Amazon) as I knew this goes on well with just two coats and as I say, I was pushed for time.

After curing these two coats under my Sensationail LED light (£35, Sensationail) I went into my glitters and pulled out some that I recently purchased for just £1 from The Works. If you’re not from the UK, The Works is basically like a cheap book/stationery/craft shop.

These glitters are craft glitters but there’s no reason this should stop anyone from using them however they want – aside from near your eyes because that’s just dangerous.

As I’d gone for a coral on the nails, I chose the yellow glitter pot to add a little something extra. The best thing about these is that they’re all duochrome/holographic meaning them give a lot of dimension to the nails.

I did a glitter fade on three nails and added my top coat and voila. Manicure done!

Whats you’re favourite go to nail art when in a rush?


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