I Love Me an Apple Pear Smoothie

There’s nothing better than red lips and I spoke all about it in my recent blog post about all my new red purchases – Obsessed with Red Errrthang

One of the products that I bought, quite honestly on a whim from Beauty Bay, was the Cailyn Pure Lust Lipstick Pencil in Apple Pear Smoothie (£5.10, Beauty Bay). Boy, oh boy am I glad I did.

Not only does this product smell like the sweetest apple but it’s so pigmented and easy to work with. It’s a gorgeous orange warm-toned red, it reminds me a lot of Jeffree Star’s Anna Nicole but not quite as orange. I’ll put swatches of the both of them below for comparison.

When I first applied this to the lips I was blown away. It went on completely opaque and felt super smooth on the lips. I’ve been struggling with dry lips recently, no idea why, and this product didn’t cling to the lips or make any of the dry patches really stand out. If anything, it moisturised and conditioned them.

As the product is a lip crayon, it makes it very easy to apply and shape your lips. Although it’s a slightly chubby crayon, it’s doesn’t affect the simplicity of using it.

I always find that orange based reds brighten up my face and I just adore the overall look that they give me. I love wearing this kind of colour with a simple, lashes and bronzer type of makeup.

The wear time of this pencil absolutely blew me away. Because it was so moisturising I didn’t expect it to last very long but within about 20 minutes the product had dried down to a pretty matte, but comfortable, finish. I went shopping, had cake and coffee and a good old natter and when I got home, it was almost as perfect as when I left. Yes, there was a bit less pigmentation in the centre of the lips, but the product hadn’t bled (I hadn’t used a lip liner) and it still looked acceptable.

I kept this lip product on for around 10-11 hours that day and when I come to take it off it hadn’t faded much more than after my shopping trip. Taking it off was super easy as well, although it felt like it had ‘stained’ my lips, it came off with my usual clarisonic and then micellar water routine leaving no trace behind.

Overall, as my first time trying a product from Cailyn, I’ve been so super impressed. I’ll definitely be keen to try more lip products along with other items from the brand so if you’ve tried this brand and have any recommendations. I’d love to know!

Love, always.


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