A True Red Thanks to Jeffree Red Rum

It’s no secret that Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks are by far my favourite lip product of all time and I’m forever lusting after so many colours in the collection. I’ve been wanting a true red from his collection for months and months now, but kept putting it off as MAC’s Ruby Woo is my go-to red of all time. Who’s with me? A couple of weeks ago though, I caved.. everyone welcome Redrum to the family.

Redrum (£16, Beauty Bayis a true cool-toned red and I can imagine that it would suit any skin tone. The formula is consistent with all of Jeffree’s other liquid lips. It’s lightweight, pigmented, non-drying and long-lasting.

This particular one has no noticeable scent and along with all of the others is also vegan and cruelty-free. Yay.

I wore this consistently for about 5 days after getting it as I am obsessed. It lasts so well throughout the day, but do bare in mind that if you do drink or eat anything with oil/grease it will remove the product and it’ll become non transfer proof.

The application for Jeffree’s Liquid Lipsticks is great. The wand has a section that holds the product and the shape of it allows you to really shape the lips anyway that you want them. As there’s an indent which holds the product this means less product goes towards the edge making it easy to manipulate your lips. I always overdraw my lips with this as the product dries completely matte it’s not noticeable to see.

In regards to the transfer proof-ness (is that even a word?), I find that each time I’ve worn this for the first couple of hours it’s completely not going anywhere. However, after this time it will start to transfer – grease or no grease – which I find very strange as non of my other liquid lips from Jeffree do this.

This does happen all over the lip, meaning I do feel conscious that the liquid lip may bleed, however, so far so good and the product itself is so lightweight that if needed, another application won’t clump up on the lips.

This has fast become a staple lip product in my everyday routine, it’s a gorgeous red that goes with almost any makeup look. It’s easy to apply, doesn’t dry out my lips and still looks great hours later, even if it may have become less transfer proof.

Now what colour to buy next…

Love, always.


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      I have been nominated for the liebster award in the past – so there is a link to it on my blog somewhere – but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate your nomination any less.

      It’s always so amazing being recognised for what you’re doing and I can’t thank you enough. X

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