A Gradual Tanning OIL?!

Tanning, I love love love it.

Be it an instant tan or a gradual tan, I like to have a little bit of tan on me all year round.

At the moment, being the ‘English height of summer’ the more tanned I am the better and as my current Bondi Sands gradual tanning lotion was running out (£11.99, Boots), it was time for a new one.

As I got into Boots, I noticed there was a new product on offer and as happens with me very often, before I knew it, it was in my hand at the till and I was paying for it.

Bondi Sands now have a gradual tanning oil. The Liquid Gold Everyday Gradual Tanning Oil (£13.99, Boots).

The concept baffles me, the oil itself, although in a black transparent bottle is clear – so my first thought when going to apply it, was how the hell is it going to tan?

The spray bottle that it comes in however is a great idea. It means that you won’t put too much on and it applies evenly, however, it also makes it a little difficult as it doesn’t spray upside down.

When it gets to applying this to your back, somewhere that you can’t really spray the product, I actually had to spray it into my hands to put it on.

The scent however, is simply delightful. It’s got that summer night out, coconut scent that really takes you to somewhere other than your bathroom.

Now, this is a dry oil.

It doesn’t apply sticky, within a minute wherever you’ve applied the product is dry – it’s really strange as you do really wonder where the product itself has gone and is it really going to do anything?!

Although it is a dry oil, if you accidentally spray it on the floor.. it is going to become slippy. As it’s not your skin, it has  nothing to sink into and your boyfriend is going to start moaning when he walks into the bathroom – ooops.

So I applied this product before putting on my pj’s and going to bed, I also did a spray on my face because why not?

In the morning, I’ll be honest, I didn’t really notice a difference. I felt no more tan than I was the day before (baring in mind I probably did a full on tan a few days previous) but also, I didn’t feel any less tan.

I do feel I need to remember though that this is an everyday gradual tan and I’m not going to wake up a golden goddess.

The next day however, I did look very glowy and had that ‘healthy tan’ look.

Overall, so far, so good for this product.

I’ve never used a gradual tanning oil before and I’d like to think that as it’s a dry oil, there’s more chance that it’ll go on evenly and wear off less patchy. Alongside this, I’d like to think that if you did apply it everyday, it won’t begin to look too much. It’s something that I’ll definitely be sure to let you know.

Have any of you tried this gradual tanning oil, and if so, what are your favourite ways to use it?

Love, always.


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4 thoughts on “A Gradual Tanning OIL?!

  1. I LOVE this tan. It’s my go to favourite and I have repurchased it again now. I use this every day for about two weeks then I break for a few days, and give my body a good exfoliate. It never goes patchy nor do I ever go orange. Keep going with this tan, it really does create the most gorgeous golden natural looking tan!

    Brilliant review. X

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