The Ultimate Red Lipstick for All Year Round

Although I tend to stick to pinks and nudes day-to-day, the colour I will always reach for if I fancy an extra pop to my look is a red.

I recently did a post about some of my favourite reds – The Best Christmas Reds – as Christmas season is coming up, I find the reds come out even more than usual!

In the blog post linked, I talk through my three favourite reds for this season and I may have teased that my ultimate favourite wasn’t mentioned – and there’s a good reason why! This lipstick deserves it’s own post and it’s the most amazing, perfect true red I’ve ever come across.

I present to you, Ruby Woo from MAC (£16.50, MAC Cosmetics)

Ruby Woo is a vivid blue red in a retro matte finish. Retro matte is not at all creamy within its texture and you’ll definitely need to make sure that when you apply this lipstick you don’t have chapped lips.

The lipstick will drag slightly on the lips whilst being applied, but the pigment will create an opaque true red look with just one swipe.

I find that because the finish is retro matte, no lipliner is needed as the lipstick won’t bleed throughout the day – the only reason you may use lipliner is because  you want to create a different shape to your lips.

Once the lipstick is applied, you’ll find that it may transfer for the first couple of hours whilst it dries down – or you can blot the lipstick if you so wish.

After the lipstick has dried down to your lips, it’s completely matte and transfer proof. I find that it lasts all day long. It may rub off in the middle of your lips due to eating and drinking – but there’s no clumpiness or issues if you do apply another layer of lipstick to your lips.

Not only this, but the colour of the lipstick itself is true and bright red colour. It also has the classic vanilla MAC lipstick scent.

Overall, I couldn’t recommend this lipstick enough. Of all the reds I have, I’d give them all up for Ruby Woo.

What’s your favourite red lipstick?

Love, always.



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