It’s Another One of Those Superdrug Hauls.. Oops

It was another one of those shopping trips where I went in for some shower gel and came out with extra things that ‘fell’ into my basket.

To be honest, when I went into the store, these things were on my mind – so it wasn’t a complete impulse purchase, but it was still a heavier than expected shopping bag by the end of the trip.

So, let’s start with the shower gel that I did actually go in for..

Superdrug Fruit Shower Gel in Cherry & Almond and Dragonfruit & Vanilla (99p each, Superdrug)

I’ve been using the Bath Soak and Shower Gels that I got for my birthday since July, I’m A Fruit Explosion in your Shower, and them bad boys have finally ran out. I was hoping for maybe some festive scents, but nevertheless these shower gels smell delicious, do the job they’re intended for and are cruelty-free.

Superdrug Simply Pure Micellar Water (£2.99, Superdrug)

I’m nearly out of my usual B. Micellar water, which I love because it’s vegan and therefore, pretty natural and very gentle on the skin. I’ve never really overly divulged into the world of Superdrug’s own brand skincare – and I don’t really know why because I love their ethics as a company. So what better place to start than trying out their micellar water, alongside the next item…

Revitalising Jam Face Mask (New in at Superdrug, £4.99) 

Now, this is so new, it isn’t even on the website. But it’s a vitamin C face mask with orange peel, goji berry extract and sugar. The way it works is that you apply the gel, sugar scrub like consistency as a thin layer over the face. You then let is sit for 5 – 10 minutes before moisturising it in and washing off with warm water. Now, as with most vitamin C products, if you’ve ever tried them, it does say a warm tingling may be felt and it should only be used twice a week due to the exfoliation properties. I’m excited to give this a go!

Superdrug Extracts Uplifting Shampoo in Grapefruit & Papaya (£1.99, Superdrug)

Finally, as I’ve nearly ran out of my current huge bottle of Natural World chia seed shampoo and it’s the second time I’ve purchased it, it was definitely time for a change. Similar to face products, the hair will get used to what’s going in it and therefore it’ll stop working as effectively – so why not try one of these home brand products. Although my hair isn’t overly fine, this shampoo catered for fine hair will mean that it won’t be heavy within the hair and it smells bloody delicious. What more could a girl ask for?

I’ll be sure to keep you updated with how I get on with these products and if you have any home brand recommendations for me, please shout up because I’d love to know!

Love, always.



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4 thoughts on “It’s Another One of Those Superdrug Hauls.. Oops

    1. I know right. It’s very grainy! I’ll be sure to do a review once I’ve used it a couple of times, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled x


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