The Perfect One Product Eye Look

I’m always after anything that can make my morning makeup routine easier, especially if I’m waking up at 6am. That extra ten minutes in bed can be the different of being a grump or chirpy in the morning.

Due to that, I’m always looking for any one product eye products – as honestly, that’s the thing that takes up my time and although winged liner is the easiest way to look more polished – I’m definitely not patient enough at that time in the morning to deal with an uneven wing battle.

There are a few eyeshadows that I love blending over the lid and in the crease, adding mascara and boom – my look is complete. But sometimes, even that blending is a bit too much for me.

That’s where this product is going to come in.. MAC’s Cream Colour Base in Dusk (£18, MAC Cosmetics).

The Cream Colour Base’s are a creamy formula product that provides a sheer, dewy finish – this makes them great for applying to the eyes, cheeks and even lips. Please note, it’s recommended that Dusk is not to be used on the lips.

The colour of Dusk is a gorgeous taupe brown with gold shimmers running through it- this is what drew me to the product when I saw it. It’s the perfect shade to place onto the lid and into the crease for that one-shadow look.

As there’s shimmers running through it and it originally goes on quite sheer, this gives your lid that gorgeous glossy/dewy look. It’s also very buildable, so if you wanted to create a smokier eye, all you have to do it add more.

I’m loving this product and it would even be great to use on the cheeks as a sort of bronzed blusher – although on my skin it might be a little too cool toned.

I’m definitely now in the market for more of these kinds of products and would absolutely love your recommendations – or even colour recommendations for the MAC Cream Colour Base.

Love, always.


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8 thoughts on “The Perfect One Product Eye Look

    1. Hey there Shanthi, it definitely can but it would be a much more natural look than a smokey look if built up on the eye x


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