i-Glow, You-Glow, Everybody-Glow

The perfect highlighter, it’s what everybody’s out to find these days. Whether you like a highlighter with a wet looking finish, one that’s a subtle hint of light within on your face or a full-on ‘look at me and you’ll go blind’ finish, the search is never ending. Much like foundation, we all feel that there’s something better out there – even though we may have found the perfect one – or have we?

New CID Cosmetics are a company that I’d heard of in passing, but never gone out of my way to try. When they got in touch to tell me about their Black Friday deals worth £100 of savings, I was sure it was all too good to be true and upon receiving some items – big thanks to Claire – I was actually blown away. Why had I never tried this brand out before?

The absolute star of the show was this i-Glow highlighter in Sirocco (£27.50, New CID Cosmetics)*. It’s a gorgeous soft gold luxurious baked pigment. It’s a big beauty blogger fave, with the likes of Ruth Crilly and Caroline Hirons being massive fans – and now you can add me to that list.

The compact itself is a great size and within the sturdy iridescent white outer shell is a good sized mirror – perfect for on the go.

As the powder itself is baked, it’s a little powdery when popping it onto your brush – but don’t let that fool you. The finish you get with this powder is incredible.

With a single touch of the product on your brush you’ll get a gorgeous radiant glow and if you like to really blind, you can build up this product in no time to get that amazing blinding, almost wet looking, highlight.

As I said before, I can’t believe I’ve never used/tried out this brand and it’s products before.

Now for the price and the amount of product needed to get your glow on, I think this is incredible value. It not only could be used as highlighter but very finely all over the face for a radiant glow and even as an eyeshadow or blush topper – the options are literally endless.

So, if I haven’t sold this to you already – the product is also cruelty-free. Can I get a wahoo? (-Wahoo-).

No matter what kind of highlighter gal or guy you are, whether you’re in the market for a new ior perfect highlighter, or whether you’re not really looking at all but want to try out something new – this highlighter is for you!

Have you tried any other items from this brand? I’d love to know what to try next!

*Although this product was sent to me, I haven’t been asked to write this post and all opinions are my own.

Love, always.


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