Neon Floral Nail Art – AT HOME!

Nail art is a super cute way to add something extra to your look. It’s a bit like when you’re wearing a all black outfit and add a bright lip for that pop of colour.

It’s never easy to do nail art on yourself, especially on the hand that you usually write with but thanks to tools that not exist, you don’t have to pay the big bucks to go to a salon and you can create some cute designs yourself at home.

As it’s summer, I thought some neon flowers on a pastel background were exactly what I was looking for and all I needed was a dotting tool.

I started by using the Lavender Neon 23 Gel polish (£6.50, Bluesky), applying three thin coats until the base was opaque.

I then used the Lucemill Nail Prep & Wipe (£5.99, eBay) to wipe the shine off the nails, as it makes applying the nail art a lot easier.

Using the dotting tool (99p eBay), along with the shades Shocking Pink Neon 12 (£6.50, Bluesky) and Studio White (£6.50, Bluesky), I started to create the flowers.

First I placed the middle dots of the flowers and cured the nails under the LED light. Once done, I used the dotting tool to create the petals of each flower, curing between the pink and white petals as sometimes the gel polish can start to bleed and the nail art will look less defined.

Once happy with the final look, I put on the gdi Top Coat (£6.20, eBay).

Once all cured, simply use the Nail Prep & Wipe to set everything in place and ta-da! Your nails are complete. You could do so many different looks using flowers with so many different colours. Even to have just have one nail that’s the accent nail would look great.

I’ve got the at home nail art bug now and can’t wait to do some more designs over the coming months. If there’s any easy ones you’ve done, please let me know – I’d love the inspiration.

Love, always.






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