The Only Lip Gloss You’ll Need This Summer

I’m not going to go ahead and write a whole paragraph about how much I love Chloe Morello again, because I think you all get it by now. When I was recently in Marks and Spencers, they had the Pixi x Chloe Morello collection available to buy in store and I was stoked. I already have the Palette Chloette and I’m totally obsessed – (The Only Palette You’re Ever Going To Need – The Palette Chloette). The only reason I hadn’t purchased the lipgloss was because I didn’t know if I really needed it. Oh, I was wrong.

As soon as I saw the sampler at Marks and Sparks, I was sold. The packaging is super sleek and from outside the lip gloss looks like an amazing gold, pink and raspberry duo-chrome effect gloss. The product? Pixi Lip Icing Lip Glow in Cake (£16, Marks and Spencer)

I immediately tested it out on my hand and not just the amazing shimmers but also the gloss itself just made my skin look wet. I knew that I had to have it. It looks like the perfect gloss for whacking on with neutral makeup over the summer.

When I got it home, I tried it on top of the matte lipstick I already had on – Caramello from Stila (£16, Beauty Bay). It made my lips look fuller, healthy and as the gloss doesn’t have any pigment, it’s clear with shimmers, I knew that it would go amazing with literally any lipstick you put on.

The formula is super shiny and not at all sticky. If anything, it kind of feels like you’ve put a gel like balm on rather than a gloss – but don’t get me wrong, your hair will get caught up in this. There’s also rose hip oil and marula oils within the gloss, meaning that it’ll keep your lips looking full and moisturised throughout wear.

Now, we need to move on to the scent of this product. I love it and I’ll be honest, I couldn’t put my finger on what it smelt like until I read others reviews and it really hit home. It’s a citrus vanilla scent – think vanilla, lemon cake that’s super sweet. It’s hard not to eat it!

Another great thing about Pixi products all round is that they don’t test anything on animals, so the products are cruelty free. This lip gloss as well is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans – extra bonus points from me.

I’ve been loving this product so far – I love the way it looks on bare lips, as well as over a lipstick. I can see me getting a hell of a lot of wear out of this and I’m already considering backing it up – as I don’t believe it’s part of their permanent collection.

I’d love to know if you’ve tried any of the other Pixi lip glosses. As I’ve said before, I’m really starting to grow a loyal relationship with this brand and I want to try out more and more of their products. Any recommendations you do have will be much appreciated.

Love, always.






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