Babe In A Can

When it comes to scent, I’m very obsessive.

Since getting a second dog a couple of months ago, who’s a puppy and full of all sorts of energy, I have this constant fear that I smell like a dog – I’m sure many of you who have dogs also have this fear.

Due to this, I find myself spraying all my clothes with a body mist, as well as putting perfume on. I’ll even take a little body mist on the go with me, for those times you might just need it.

For my everyday ‘getting ready in the morning’ mists, I love reaching for the Missguided ones. Not only do they come in an amazing big bottle, they smell insane and also last pretty well throughout the day. To see my full review on them, please see here: Do You Need It? Missguided Body Mists

I was recently gifted some of the Missguided fragrances, like real life perfumes, and my goodness, are they cool!

First off, I love love love that they have empowering babe quotes and have a general babe power theme.

Then, there’s the packaging! With both of the bottles I was lucky enough to receive, they look like cans, with the sprayer being the ring pull saying ‘spray for good vibes’. I just love the attention to detail and quirkiness of the bottles themselves – it’s something ace to have out on display.

So now, onto the actual fragrances themselves. Let’s start with Babe Oud (£28, The Fragrance Shop).

The packaging of this is spot on. It’s a gorgeous glossy black can with gold detail.

The scent of this is described as a rich middle eastern aroma.

‘It leads with baies rose, bergamot, lemon and orange with dashes of red fruit and neroli. The heart marries geranium with jasmine, oud, black pepper, roses and saffron with a leathery quality. Base notes cushion with amber, cedar, Kashmir fusion, musk, patchouli, tonka and vetiver.’

I feel like this is quite a unisexy fragrance and I think it’s perfect for a night out or a day date, as it’s quite heavy due to being an ‘oud’.

The other one I received was Boss Babe (£28, The Fragrance Shop).

This one is a bit more cute with a glossy grey packaging and baby pink details.

The fragrance of this is more of a fruity floral one.

‘ It leads with notes of bergamot and pear with accents of pistachio. The heart marries rose accords with almond milk, orange blossom and magnolia. Base notes cushion with patchouli, amber, sweet tonka, vanilla, musk and creamy sandalwood.’

This is definitely more of an everyday kind of perfume and I’d still wear it for nights out, as it’s super delicious smelling.

I’ve found the staying power of these is really good. I put Babe Oud on yesterday and it still smells super strong on my hoody where the spray must of hit.

I’m really impressed with these and can’t wait to wear them more throughout the coming months, they really are divine.

Have you tried any of the Missguided body mists or fragrances? I’d love to hear which one’s your favourite!

Love, always.






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Disclosure: I was gifted these products. Even so, all opinions and thoughts are my own.

9 thoughts on “Babe In A Can

  1. You get get doggy perfume too 😂 I bought ylang ylang for my pup As when they roll in the grass they want to get their scent off “I call it grass angels” 😂 xox


    1. I have Kennel No.5 for my dogs and it smells the same as coco madamoseille 😂 although they hate being sprayed with it x


      1. Hahahahaha that’s brilliant! I have coco Mademoiselle as well for my self! Woof! My Holly has ylang ylang for calming xoxox


  2. Hi Bec…..I love the packaging for these scents it’s very unique and modern. I can’t say I’ve tried these perfumes but then I’m very sensitive to scents these days so tend to stick solely with my essential oils x


    1. Yes, I totally agree with you. It seems from the packaging that it going to be a really young scented fragrance but it really is so nice! X


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