Just a Pop Of Colour

Everybody’s wardrobe turns a shade of black come the autumn/winter seasons no? I know that mine does. I’ve been consciously trying to add colour into my wardrobe this past year and I feel like this winter is a true test of my success.

In these three looks, although there’s a great sense of black/darkness, I feel I’ve definitely added colour where I can to bring the looks to life and add that pop into them. Even if this is simply through a slogan tee, if anything, the black outfit makes the slogan/motifs pop even more.

I’d love to know the colours you gravitate towards in these colder months, along with any tips you have on how to incorporate colour. Also if you’d like to check out more of my looks, please check out my 21buttons account, my username is beccapeacock.

T-shirt: £6.49, H&M//Leggings: £8, ASOS//Cardigan: £29.99, New Look//Nikes: £59.99, Sports Direct//Phone case: £4.49, eBay//Name necklace: £49.90, My Name Necklace

T-shirt: £25, Arctic Monkeys//Tights: £6, ASOS//Name necklace: £49.90, My Name Necklace//Nikes: £59.99, Sports Direct//Phone case: £4.49, eBay//Turquoise Ring: £25, Regal Rose

Jumper: £22, ASOS//Turquoise Ring: £25, Regal Rose//Jeans: £9, Primark//Shoes: £35, ASOS//Phone case: £1.29, eBay

Love, always.






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