Kids Makeup Or a (Polly) Pocket Worthy Palette?

Lime Crime have always been known for their super cute packaging and playful colours, among other things we don’t need to talk about. When they bought out their Polly Pocket style eyeshadow palettes last year, I thought they were the cutest thing ever but never bought one. Honestly, this was due to the price tag for something that looks like a kids toy.

For Christmas, my bestie (who obviously knows me all too well) got me one of these palettes I’d been thinking about for months and chuffed would be an understatement.

First off, look how bloody cute the packaging is. I know that it essentially looks like a Polly Pocket and it’s very plastic but when I held it in my hands I had this weird excited kid feeling. It was like getting the Barbie you’d asked Santa for, but in adult makeup form.

The option that Chazz got me was Pink Lemonade (£31, Feel Unique), this is a super cute palette with pinky brown shades and an amazing yellow gold highlight shade. Something that can be used as a face highlight too (yay for a multipurpose product!).

Lime Crime themselves talk about these eyeshadows as high-end pigments with maximum pay off. They’re smooth as butter no matter what the shade or texture. Alongside this, they say the palettes contain both eye and cheek colours and that it fits in the pocket of your jeans. Now, I don’t know what kind of jeans these people are wearing but this palette isn’t going to fit any pocket of mine.

Putting that aside, let’s talk about the shades..
Lemonade: This is the highlight shade of the palette, it’s a gorgeous pure yellow gold with plenty of shimmer. It’s the perfect lid shade or inner highlight. I’m not sure how I’d feel about putting it on my cheeks, but I won’t knock anything until I try it.

Pink Jelly: This is the cutest baby pink shimmer shade. Again this would be perfectly placed all over the lid and I do think it would make a great blush, thanks to the golden shimmer that runs through it.

Brown Sugar: This is hands down my favourite shade in the palette. Anyone who knows me will understand that warm brown shades are my favourite. They’re perfect transition shades, great for all over the eye as a one-tone smoky eye and in this case, I think it’ll even make a cute blush.

Strawberry: The only shade in the palette that I don’t think I’ll get much use out of. Now don’t get me wrong, this shadow is absolutely stunning. It’s the perfect hot pink shimmer mix which would look great to add a pop of colour to the eye. Not only that but if you’re into your hot pink blushes, this is perfect for you. Personally, I’m a light pink, peach or deep pink blush kind of girl but I do think this would look super cute.

Baby Cake: This is a gorgeous crease and outer corner shade. It’s the perfect chesnut-red toned brown but not so warm that you couldn’t pair it with anything. It really is a unique matte shade to have in my collection.

When swatching the shades I found that they were really smooth in texture, even the crazy shimmers. The only thing I’d say is that with the exception of Baby Cake, they all needed a bit of work to really get the pigment to show. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though as it means you can really work them up for the look you’re going for and if using as a blush or highlight, you’d want something that blends easily.

As with all Lime Crime products one of the main positives for their makeup is that it’s all vegan and cruelty free – something that I think they were known for before it became a ‘thing’.

I can’t wait to use this palette for a makeup look in the future and you can bet that it’ll be featured on the blog! I’d love to know what makeup you’ve got for Christmas as gifts, as well as if it’s any good!

Love, always.



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7 thoughts on “Kids Makeup Or a (Polly) Pocket Worthy Palette?

      1. I’ve only ever used their lip products before but have even really impressed with the formula of these powders. I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for more x


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