I Want To Swap Slippers For Summer

An outfit isn’t always about an event you’re going to, a top that makes you look slimmer than you are or something to fit the occasion (i.e. workwear). An outfit is just some clothes you put together and in today’s case, these clothes are for mucking about the house with my slippers on and if needed, I could whack a pair on leggings or some shoes and it’d look like the outfit was meant for the outdoors.

Comfort to me is a cosy jumper, slippers, roll necks and anything that makes you just feel warm. Although comfort is great, I can’t begin to tell you how much I want the Summer to come around. I’m sick of dark mornings and nights, weather that doesn’t know what it’s doing and cold hands. Bring me t-shirt weather, tans and super cute sandals! What’s your favourite season to dress for? I’d love to know, so tell me in the comments below.

As always, you can see all of these outfits first on 21 buttons, my username is beccapeacock – I hope to see you there!

Phone case: £4.45, eBay//Roll neck: £8.99, New Look//Jeans: £36, Topshop//Slippers: £6, Peacocks

Phone case: £4.45, eBay//Jumper: £20, ASOS//Slippers: £6, Peacocks//Earrings: £8, ASOS

Roll neck: £20, Missguided//Pinafore: £29, Topshop//Phone case: £28, Hanogram//Tights: £2.50, Primark//Boots: £45, Koi Footwear

Love, always.



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