Can a Personalised Supplement Change Your Life?

I’m a big believer in getting all the vitamins and minerals your body needs. This not only helps your body function as it should, it also helps to make you feel good within yourself. To me, that is a top priority.

But don’t we get everything we need from food?

This is completely dependent on not only the diet we eat but also what our body requires. For example, I have some issues with my blood. This means I generally need a higher iron intake that your average mid-twenties woman. When eating throughout the day, I think about whether what I’m eating is healthy or full of preservatives and should probably be moderated. I don’t keep track of each individual mineral and vitamin the food I’m consuming is putting into my body.

This is where Sundose comes in..

Sundose is a custom formula supplement 100%, made for your lifestyle and health needs. Blended always from the best ingredients. Served in one daily portion. As you take a personalised review before dietitians complete a review of what you need, this means it’s totally suited for you. In turn, you’ll get all the goodness you need. Less time for worrying about fitting it in within your diet and more focus on eating the super nutritious, delicious food available to you.

The facts.

Within Sundose personalised supplements there are no artificial dyes or preservatives. They come in monthly packs that you keep in the fridge, to maintain their freshness throughout the month. What’s even better is that the components are free from pesticides and heavy metals. There’s no gluten involved, alongside there being no lactose, sugar or sweeteners.

They contain the vitamins, minerals, bioactive substances, omega-3 acids and probiotics your body requires.

It’s £69 a month for a supplement perfectly tailored to you. Each month, you’ll be able to address any new goals you have for your supplements and discuss anything that may or may not be working for you. The dietitians can then adjust your levels of each substance for the following month.

For more information on Sundose, please follow this link: Sundose UK

Did it work for me?

I took my gifted 30 day trial starting the month before my wedding. When consulting with the dietitians, I told them about my blood issues. I also said I was looking for strength in my hair and nails, alongside glowing skin (I mean who doesn’t want that?).

After a consultation back and forth, they came up with the perfect supplement for me and the manufacturing process began. It’s great that each daily supplement is made especially for you. You even get to choose your flavour of choice – I went for sweet orange. FYI: it tastes just like freshly squeezed orange juice.

The first week of taking my supplements I didn’t feel any different. It’s important to note, it’s going to take more than a day or two for any major differences to be noticed. Knowing I was getting enough of things such as iron and my vitamin B’s was a great weight off my shoulders. This is always something I’m conscious of, due to not only my blood but also my dietary choices (vegetarian who very rarely eats products containing dairy or eggs).

At the beginning of week 3, I felt I had a lot more ‘get up and go’ about me. I didn’t struggle getting up when my alarm went off and I wasn’t craving my bed as much towards the latter end of the evening. My diet itself had changed very little. The only thing I could put my finger on was Sundose.

Not only that, my nails were definitely stronger and my skin didn’t seem to be breaking out quite as much. If there were any, it was definitely down to stress, thanks to my upcoming nuptials. Something you think would take longer to notice than just a few weeks worth of supplements.

My thoughts

I’ve very much enjoyed taking these daily supplements. I got used to taking them each morning without even thinking about it. As I’ve mentioned, the results definitely showed through after around 3 weeks of taking them. I can imagine with consistent use, the results would really shine through.

If you’re looking to treat your body to some vitamins and minerals it deserves, look no further. This is everything you need and it’s especially made for you using scientific research compiled by the team.

I’d very much like to thank Sundose for gifting me with a 30 day trial. It been an amazing product to try that I truly can recommend to my followers. I’d love to know if you’ve ever tried Sundose or any other personalised supplements, along with any results you’ve seen from them.

Love, always – B.

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Note: I was gifted a month’s free trial of the Sundose personalised supplements and asked to write a review. All thoughts and words are my own.

6 thoughts on “Can a Personalised Supplement Change Your Life?

  1. I would love to give this a try! However, do they have it in a different flavor? Because anything orange flavored makes me nauseous. I’ve tried the wheatgrass and it works amazingly too! But sometimes you want to change your taste palette.


    1. No way! As if orange makes you feel unwell. You’re in luck though, you can also get it in other flavours. You can choose the one you prefer when going though your stats and personal quiz 😊 x


    1. Defintely. Multi vitamins are great but you don’t need everything in them. It’s great these take into consideration your dietary choices, ailments etc to make the perfect supplement for you! X


    1. It’s definitely something I’ve never really seen before! I love that they check on you each time they go to make you new supplements too, to make sure all the levels are right for the following month. So innovative! X


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