A Little Bit of Monday Motivation

Monday. It’s the start of the week for most of us and usually means a full 5 days at work before we can enjoy the weekend. This is the perfect reason to pep ourselves up and get ready for what the week throws at us. For this reason, I wanted to add a little motivation into this Monday.


What’s motivating me this week?

My new 12 week challenge with SHREDDY. This is a new fitness and nutrition app that’s been created in collaboration with Grace Beverley. She’s one of my favourite YouTubers and I truly believe in her vision.

I’ve signed up on a monthly basis for £9.99 *to first test it out* and have already brought all my ingredients for the meals I’ve got coming for me this week. Not only that, there’s also a 12 week challenge starting TODAY and there’s 25 prizes to be won. This includes a cash prize of £5,000 and lord knows, I could do with that!

I’ve not worked out since before the wedding, so I’m super excited to get back into it all and build up my strength again.

What am I excited for this week?

Quality time with my dogs. This may sound really strange but I genuinely miss my dogs when I’m working all day. I’ve just spent the weekend celebrating at one of my close friend’s hen party in Liverpool, so I’ve not spent much time with the pooches.

I’ll be sure to take them on a couple of lovely walks. This will get me out in the fresh air, get me moving, as well as enjoying my time with them.

What will I be watching?

I’ll definitely be holding out for the new Shane/Jeffree episode. I’ve been absolutely loving seeing the whole process behind creating a new beauty launch. Similarly, seeing the length of time and work it really takes to make a product from start to finish.

I’m also super excited for another week of The Apprentice. It’s definitely my guilty pleasure. Although it’s now mainly a show for entertainment rather than business, it still a show I love to watch. Mine and my husband’s favourite things is when it’s the end of the show and they always say a line such as ‘and now the game’s begun..’. You just can’t beat it!

I’d love to know what your looking forward to this week, as well as what your current guilty pleasures are. So be sure to let me know!

Love, always – B

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