Who Doesn’t Want Sexy, Smooth, Waxed Skin?

You heard correct. This is going to be all about how to get those baby smooth armpits, legs and of course, the bikini line ladies and gentlemen.

We all do it, so let’s talk about it.

I find that many people shy away from talking about the things many of us guys and gals do everyday, one of them being shaving. Pits, nips, arms, legs and of course, the pubic area. So here’s a low down on the wax I use, how much it hurts and the results I get.

The wax.

Nad’s is the home of natural, cruelty-free hair removal. I love that the home page of their website states ‘we test on our own skin – not the animals!’. I’m living for that vibe.

Brazilian & Bikini Wax (Nad’s website)
This product has been specifically developed for strong, coarse hair. This makes it perfect for using on the bikini area. It comes with some cheeky templates, meaning you can either tidy your ‘area’ up, go full brazilian or personalise your pubes. Yes, I said it!

The wax has a scent of peach and mango, with enough contents for one full brazilian or 2 -3 bikini line applications. There’s also 3 oil-free calming wipes for your skin after the ‘big wax’ has taken place. After using, you’ll be hair free for up to 8 weeks. Now that’s convenience at its finest!

Body Wax Strips for Sensitive Skin (Nad’s website)
These 28 strips are made with honey and chamomile extracts, as well as natural beeswax to remove hair from the root, whilst keeping the skin soft. They’re ideal for your arms, legs and the bikini area, as they’re perfect for those with more sensitive skin.

The strips also come with 2 calming oil post wax wipes and 2 moisture and soothing balms. These strips will keep you hair free for up to 4 weeks.

But doesn’t it hurt?

I’d be lying if I said these strips and wax don’t hurtg. Of course they bloody do. What you’ve gotta do is realise that those 4 seconds of pain are worth it for up to 8 weeks of no shaving. As they say, no pain – no gain right?

I personally have never used wax for my armpits before but find these strips so useful for it. It’s especially good for those of you like myself that may work out. Often, if I know I’m going to be working out I tend to decide I’ll shower afterwards (which is where I’d usually shave my pits). This means there be no hairy pits when you’re lifting those weights – unless that’s what you’re into of course.

The wax is what I tend to use for my bikini line (the strips more so if I’m in a rush). It’s super easy to melt in the microwave and applying it to your area of choice is a breeze, thanks to the stick that’s provided.

The results.

I’m really sorry but there’ll be no pictures of my bikini line before and after. I’m sure you’re all absolutely gutted but it’s nothing you’d want to see. Trust me. I find that when using the wax (strips or tub), this tends to last me around 4 – 5 weeks before I realise either the razor or the wax needs to come out again.

It’s not something I do regularly. It tends to be something I do more during the summer when I know my arms, legs and pits will be out. Also I tend to do the bikini waxing before holidays. It just makes your beach routine (if you have one), so much easier!

Have you tried waxing before and if so, have you managed to find any ‘pain-free’ techniques?

Love, always – B

*gifted from Nad’s and asked to write a review. All opinions my own.

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