It’s A Conspiracy

Who else refreshed their browsers, phones, tablets and everything inbetween for two and a half hours to get their hands on this? I honestly think it’s the most talked about makeup of the year. Maybe it’s all just one big conspiracy?

Shane X Jeffree Star Conspiracy Palette (£48, Beauty Bay)

Either way, I needed this palette more than life itself. Honestly, I’ve never really been a Shane Dawson fan. I’m not a massive fan of the clunky palette either. But seeing the process of how palettes are made and the pure joy on Shane’s face finding out he was going to be a multi-millionaire was all I needed. I support this coupling.

As soon as I got home today, I rushed into my beauty room and swatched this palette. Not only for my own enjoyment, but also for you. I feel I’ve seen a hell of a lot of looks, pictures of the palette etc. I’ve not seen many straight up swatches, so I wanted to get this up for you ASAP (Rocky).

I used a Revolution Ultra Pointed Crease brush (£3, Revolution Beauty), as it packs on colour in a particular area with no blending and let’s be honest, not many people use their fingers to pack on eyeshadow.

So, let’s jump into it. These swatches are on a clean arm and I’ve left a short ‘review’ below.

From left to right;

Ranch: Shimmery pearl white – 8/10
My Pills: Baby pink matte – 9/10
Tanacon: Light brown warm matte – 10/10
Diet Root Beer: Mid brown warm mate – 10/10
Just a Theory: Shimmery warm pink brown – 9/10
Spiraling: Metallic brown – 7/10
Conspiracy: Shimmery khaki green – 8/10
Pig-ment: Orange pink matte – 7/10
Food Videos: Bright yellow satin – 7/10
Trisha: Shimmery hot barbie pink – 8/10
Cheese Dust: Bright orange matte – 9/10
Flaming Hot: Bright red matte – 9/10
What’s The Tea?: Grey blue matte – 8/10
Diet Cola: Metallic bright silver – 10/10
Not A Fact: Deep shimmer purple – 9/10
Sleep Paralysis: Metallic deep purple – 9/10
Illuminatea: Deep metallic green – 10/10
My Ride’s Here: Black matte – 8/10e

I hope you’ve enjoyed this super quick review and as I’ve not worn the shades yet, my opinion isn’t fully formed. This is just a super quick, first impression.

Let me know what your favourite shade is and what tones you gravitate towards. I’d love to know!

Love, always – B

*Some of the links in this post are affiliated. All this means is that if you use my link to buy your own, I’ll get a tiny bit of commission to fund more amazing blog content.

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