Veganuary: Should we Live Life on the Veg?

Before I kick start my Veganuary posts, I just want to say first of all that I’m not here to force anyone to be vegan. I want to provide my opinion, along with educational facts. This will allow people to make their own decision on whether they want to cut down on meat and dairy consumption, stay as they are or go vegan altogether.

If you don’t like these kind of posts, simply don’t read them – no one’s making you!

So, why vegan?

Over the next 31 days, I’m going to provide you with loads of snippets of information on why I, along with many others, believe a vegan diet is best for your health, the environment and of course, the animals.

On day one, I’m simply going to provide you with some reasons on why you should try vegan. Along with give you a bit of information about what you could achieve by doing this for 31 days.

For the animals.

Many animals are exploited for both meat and dairy production. By going vegan you can prevent this from happening. Although some people may say that ethical meat is a thing, all animals experience the same fear when it comes to being slaughtered. Is that something you want on your conscious?

For your health.

A lot of research has been conducted into vegan diets. There’s some amazing benefits which have been linked to people who eat this way including;

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Rate of cholesterol is lower
  • Lower rates of heart disease

For the environment.

By avoiding animal products, this significantly reduces your carbon footprint. To find out what your current carbon footprint is, do this quiz!

To produce a plant-based diet, that gives someone the same amount of protein that a meat/dairy based diet would provide, this requires a third of the land. This makes is so much more sustainable.

Over 31 days, you could save;

  • 124, 917 litres of water (this is equal to 2,000 showers)
  • 543 kg of grain
  • 84 square meters of forest
  • 273 kg of co2 (this is enough to run a low energy lightbulb for 3 years)
  • Save 31 animals lives

I hope you follow my blog during the month of Veganuary and I’ll be posting illustrations, tips, tricks and facts along the way. So make sure to follow my socials. I’d also love for you to share the images and posts with your followers too – let’s spread the word!

If there’s anything you want to know, just let me know in the comments below. I’m here to support!

Love, always – B
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7 thoughts on “Veganuary: Should we Live Life on the Veg?

  1. Great thoughts. You remind me of my daughter, who has a book on Amazon (Earth Song Cookbook by C.J. Plain). So many similar thoughts and both of you inspirational.


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