Veganuary: Spread The Word

Whether it’s sharing a post on Instagram, letting someone know the answer to a question they have about veganism or starting the conversation about it – spread the word.

Now there’s a very fine line between offering opinions and facts and being preachy about veganism. I know a lot of people, including myself, are very passionate about animal welfare and the environment. Other people have very passionate beliefs too – so make sure to tread carefully. This means respecting other people’s opinions, even if you don’t agree with them.

My Etsy shop.

I’m a big drawer or am I meant to say illustrator? I find myself for hours on end sketching away on my iPad, so I decided to start creating some digital art and stickers for all of us plant based babes and dudes out there.

Now, there’ll be more than just plant based stuff on there and I’m always open to custom making designs – so it’s definitely worth getting in touch if you have something in mind.

I’d love to see you buying and using my designs, so be sure to link me up if you have put them to good use!

Etsy shop: beccabynature

Love, always – B
Etsy shop: beccabynature

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