Veganuary: We did it! Let’s Celebrate.

Can you believe it? We’re 31 days into Veganuary! I’m not going to say we’ve finished, as I’d like to think for many people this is the start of a vegan lifestyle. Although I’ve been completely vegan myself for a couple of months now, the inspiration, tips, tricks and support I’ve gained, has been sensational.

What better way to end this ‘section’ of posts than talk about what to drink that’s vegan, in celebration. Let’s get (avocado) smashed!

Why isn’t all alcohol vegan?

A lot of alcohol production uses isinglass (which is dried fish bladders) in their straining process. This is used to help yeast settle quickly within beer and acts as a form of collagen.

In wine, isinglass can also be used to help stabilise wine. Within this process albium (egg whites) and casein (milk protein) is often used to. Traces of all of these products tend to be left in the alcohol after production, which means they’re not vegan.

In terms of spirits, generally clear spirits such as vodka and white rum tend to be vegan friendly.

But how do I know?

In this day and age, knowing what’s vegan has become so much easier. There’s so many signs and labels that will be easily seen on the bottle, to help you identify what you can drink.

There’s also an amazing alcohol directory called Barnivore. On this site, you simply type in the alcohol you’re thinking of drinking and it tells you straight away if it’s vegan-friendly. The website is lifesaving when you’re out and about and it can be found here: Barnivore.

A lot of supermarkets are wanting to cater to us vegan folk, so it’s always worth checking out the instore brands. Marks & Spencers have also confirmed they’re looking to produce all of their house wines to be sutiable for vegans by 2022 – how amazing is that!

Why tell you about alcohol without letting you know some brands you’re able to drink, so let’s get into some;


  • Budweiser
  • Coors (Not Coors Light in the UK)
  • Stella Artois
  • Carlsberg & Carlsberg Export
  • Beck’s
  • Guinness
  • San Miguel
  • Corona
  • Grolsch
  • Heineken


  • Old Mout
  • Strongbow (all flavours)
  • Thatchers
  • Alska


  • Some Blossom Hill wines (Sparkling Zinfandel, Gin Fizz Rhubarb to name a couple)
  • La Falda Bianco
  • Gerard Bertrand Merlot
  • Canti Prosecco Brut
  • La Bellamente Pinot Grigio Rose


  • Skyy vodka
  • Sainsbury’s vodka
  • Smirnoff Black & Blue Label vodka
  • Gordon’s gin
  • Bombay Sapphire gin
  • Edinburgh gins
  • Malibu rum

I’d love to know what you’ve loved or found more insightful about veganism. I’d also love to know what you’re drinking to celebrate tonight!

Love, always – B
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