Food Facts: A

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Last month, we delved into everything Veganuary and I *think* you all loved the content that was being put out. So I thought, why stop there? Let’s make this journey carry on and what better way than talk through some nutritional information and meal ideas, to get your tastebuds flowing.

As I couldn’t think of a structure, we’re simply going to go with the alphabet. Starting with A…


– High in fiber
– Vitamin C: an absorbic acid which is a great antioxidant
– Potassium: this benefits heart health
– 86% water
Great as a snack alone, with nut butter or used in desserts such as pie or a crumble

– Folate (Vitamin B9): this is ideal for cell function and tissue growth
– Vitamin K1: helps with blood clotting and bone health
– Potassium: more than bananas, helps to lower blood pressure
– Vitamin E: antioxidant
– Vitamin B6: helps to convert food into energy
– Vitamin C: helps with the immune system and also skin health
– 73% water
Perfect as guacamole, as part of a salad or smashed on toast

– Vitamin A: great for eye health
– Vitamin C: this helps to prevent wrinkles and heal UV damage
– Vitamin E: can help prevent liver disease
– Potassium: helps to prevent bloating
– High in fiber
Perfect in your porridge, mixed in with nuts or to top a dessert

– Folate
– Potassium
– Vitamin K
– Vitamin C
– Manganese: an essential mineral for amino acids and protein consumption
– Nasunin: effective in protecting cells against damage from harmful free radicals
– Fiber: which can help reduce blood sugar levels
Perfect roasted with other veg, as part of a stew and even fried off in a stir fry


– Vitamin A
– Vitamin C
– Vitamin K: these help with the clotting of blood
– Potassium
– Vitamin E
– Folate: helps with the production of red blood cells and the production of DNA for growth and development
– Phosphorus, iron and calcium: these all help with bone health and strength
– High in flavonoids: an anti-inflammatory, also antiviral and studies show it can be an anti cancer food
Great as part of a red onion puff pastry tart, as a side or baked with sea-salt and oil

– High in fiber
– Vitamin K
– Vitamin C
– Source of iron
– High in folican: helps the body’s tissue grow, for the cells to work
In a salad, as a dip or deep fried with spicy sauce

Nuts & grains.

– Vitamin E
– Manganese
– Magnesium: helps to maintain normal nerve and muscle function
– Riboflavin (Vitamin B2): needed for growth and good health
– Helps to lower cholesterol
– High protein and fiber: helps you to feel fuller for longer
As a snack, made into a nut butter or within baking and oats

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Love, always – B
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