Food Facts: D

Compared to yesterday’s post, this isn’t half as hefty. Apparently, there’s only fruits that start with D, so let’s get to it!

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– Potassium: helps to prevent bloating
– Magnesium: needed for 300 biochemical reactions, to help maintain normal nerve and muscle function
– Copper: enables the body to form red blood cells
– Manganese: promotes bone health
– Iron: for bone health and strength, also necessary for the transport of oxygen in red blood cells
– Vitamin B6: regulates our emotions (serotonin, dopamine and GABA)
Ideal alone, to add sweetness to smoothies, with nut butter or added into porridge

– Vitamin C: for the immune system and skin health
– Riboflavin: vitamin needed for growth and good health
– Potassium: helps lower blood pressure
– Phosphorus: for bone health and strength
– Copper
– Manganese
– Magnesium
Perfect as jam, in a pie/crumble and anything sweet

Dragon Fruit
– Iron
– Vitamin C
– Magnesium
I’ve only ever ate one but I think it’s best to eat alone

If you think today’s post is scarce, you should see tomorrows. How many fruits and vegetables can you think of that begin with E?

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Love, always – B
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