Food Facts: Z (The End)

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I hope you’ve been loving the ‘food fact’ series. I’ve had a lot of fun writing it and also drawing all the cute illustrations for it. If you have been reading it, you may think what made me do it?

Well, I’m a big believer in getting everything you need from your diet day to day. A lot of people take supplements, powders and all sorts to get what they could simply by eating a bit of fruit or veg!

Now don’t get me wrong, I often take supplements too but that doesn’t distract from the fact that I’m still trying my very best to eat 10 different fruit and veggies a day.
Read more: 5 a day is good but 10 is better

This series has now only made me realise how much nutrition was in my food, but also how much fruit and veg I never reach for – so it’s definitely expanded my options.

Whether your vegan like me, plant-based, pescatarian, vegetarian or a straight up meat eater – this is an important lesson for all.


Love, always – B
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