3 Months Vegan: How Do I Feel?

Now many people that know me personally will know this wasn’t a hard transition for me to become vegan. I ate 90% plant based anyway, with maybe the occasional cheesy pizza or a sneaky bar of Dairy Milk. Despite that, it was actually a lot easier than I thought even this would be.

How do I feel?

Honestly, bloody fantastic. Even by stopping that little bit of dairy consumption, I’ve noticed my metabolism is a lot more regular and there’s been no problems let’s say.

I never feel groggy due to food and very rarely do I find that food’s greasy when eating it. I genuinely feel healthier in myself and even when I do eat ‘naughty’ food, I don’t have instant regret after thanks to the no groggy, greasy, tummy pain-ness.

Was it easy?

It was actually really easy. I think the first few days (this was back in December) I thought I missed things but that was simply because I couldn’t eat them anymore. I didn’t actually crave them.

Now when I fancy chocolate and reach for Bournville instead of Dairy Milk, I get that exact same satisfaction I’d get before.

For me, coming across from a mainly plant based diet anyway, there wasn’t any major side effects but if you’re considering it, I have a ‘what to expect’ guide here: Side Effects of Being Vegan

Do I miss anything?

Nothing. Na da. Not one thing. I’m three months in know and I hardly ever crave cheese, something that I think the majority of people may. Although I’ve found I’m intolerant to some vegan cheeses, when I do have it (I know, stop me from doing harm to myself) I enjoy the taste of the ‘vegan’ cheese. I’m making a point of that because it really is nothing like actual cheese.

There’s so many alternatives out there now that I find it’s hard to miss anything. I’ve had creamy chocolate bars, mini eggs, bounty coconut bars, cakes, cookies, pizzas, chilli BASICALLY ANYTHING I’VE WANTED and it’s all hit the spot.

The one thing I would like though (not something I miss) is a vegan gooey caramel bar. So if you have any suggestions, hit me up!

Will I ever go back?

Hand on my heart, I could never eat meat or dairy again. Honestly, what would the point be? I get everything I could ever need from the foods I eat., I’m contributing to less animals being abused and killed, I’m helping produce less carbon emissions to try and slow climate change and I feel bloody brilliant.

For me, the more and more I read into veganism and a plant based life, the more proud I am for being a part of the community.

Can I join you?

OF COURSE YOU CAN. I’d love to have you as part of my network. I’m building so many amazing friendships through Instagram, so be sure to check my link below.

I’ve also started a cute little Etsy shop with food related prints and stickers, along with meal planners, to help get you started on your transition.

What will help me?

I’ve wrote some blog posts recently about being vegan and the reasons for going vegan. I’ll link them here and I’d recommend reading them,;

What is a Vegan Diet?
Save Our Planet
Vegan For The Animals
Plant Milk vs. Dairy
Vegan Documentaries To Watch

If you do have questions in relation to anything else, please pop me either a comment below, an email or even a message on my Instagram. I’m always here to help and support my followers.

Love, always – B
Etsy shop: beccabynature
abillionveg ambassador (join my tribe): abillionveg

2 thoughts on “3 Months Vegan: How Do I Feel?

  1. Nice work! I move between vegan and 95% plant based…have an off again on again relationship with fish…research seems less clear on benefits of omitting fish…I may have 2-3 ounces salmon once to twice a week to not at all for months being total plant based. Cravings occur when hungry…but plant based pasta dishes , lentil soups breads nuts, smoothie, chili w tofu…vegan chocolate…very satisfying!!!


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