Vegans, Join My Tribe

Excitement isn’t even cutting it right now. When I was asked to be an ambassador for this brand, it was something I truly believed in and for that reason, I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

What the hell is this app?

It helps people whether they’re vegan, plant based, veggie or simply after trying different foods to leave or find reviews for restaurants, food at the supermarket. You can even leave and find reviews for cruelty free beauty and lifestyle products. What’s not to love?

There’s currently over 75k members and once you’ve joined today, there will be ever more people spreading the word.

It’s not just about finding what you love..

There’s more to abillionveg than you could even imagine. They have partnerships with so many different sanctuaries and non-profits around the globe that they’ll donate money to for each review you leave.

So far they’ve donated over $60,000 and with the growing community, they hope to donate over $1million this year alone!

So how do I join?

It’s so so simple, follow this link to >>abillionveg<< and download the app. Once downloaded, simply enter your details and you’re good to go for your reviews. Make sure to put my username when signing up, it’ll help the community grow even more. My username is: beccabynature.

For every 10 reviews you leave, you’ll get to choose where you’d like the $10 you’ve created to go. Making the experience totally suited to you.

No matter where you are, you can look for restaurants near you that have vegan friendly reviews, what’s looking great at the supermarket and much much more.

Join now and become part of my tribe!

I’d love to have you on board with me as your ambassador. By joining using my username as a referral: ‘beccabynature’ it means I’ll be able to see all of your reviews, follow your journey using the app and see the magic that happens/where you’ve chosen your money to go.

Please note, for every review you leave I do get a small commission. This does not affect your use of the app in anyway, it simply means I can help promote it further, carry on creating amazing content for you and keep you updated on all things abillionveg. It’s all about support right, so I’d really appreciate you using my referral 🙂

Once you’ve joined, let me know your username in the comments below and I’ll make sure we’re following each other! Any questions about the app, let me know.

Follow me everywhere

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Love, always – B
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abillionveg ambassador (join my tribe): abillionveg

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