Let Me Draw Your Dogs!

If you follow me on here or even my socials, you’ll have noticed I’ve decided to take my passion for illustration and turn it into something I hope one day, will become a business. Aim high right?

I have my food puns, planners and even some wedding signs but my favourite offering so far is definitely the dog portraits, I mean who doesn’t love their dog so much they want them recreated in illustration?

So far, I’ve created the following images that I wanted to share, so you can see what kind of illustrations I do. The text and doodles (hearts) are optional.

For £20 (£2 extra for text and extra for shipping internationally), I’ll draw your dog, send a digital copy of this to you and then also you’ll get an A5 print on quality paper sent directly to your home address.

They’re a perfect present for your loved one on their birthday, a mother’s/father’s day gift or even an anniversary.

I hope you love these illustrations as much as I do, I’m honestly really proud of them and would love to draw your dogs, cats or guinea pigs if you wanted. I know it says dogs but honestly, I’ll be happy to draw any animal you may want an illustration of.

Is there any other illustrations you’d like to see? I’m always up for seeing if there’s anything you’d like me to create, after all, I’m making these for you!

Love, always – B
Etsy shop: beccabynature
abillionveg ambassador (join my tribe): abillionveg

2 thoughts on “Let Me Draw Your Dogs!

  1. Yay! My daughter paints pet portraits and does extremely well for herself! (myrainbowveins on Etsy) Wishing you all the best in your new creative adventure (They’re adorable, by the way! 🙂


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